Our Projects

Severe Autism

After the age of 18, few services and structures are able to offer an adequate response. There is a severe lack of inter-provincial structures for the treatment of autism, which presents a complex range of problems in terms of professionalism, logistics and organisation.

We think that the activation of a specialised day centre to take cases which are currently improperly handled in other spheres is of primary importance. This would provide an educational project focused on the problem of physical safety, with the creation of adequate spaces (helping prevent self-harm and aggression towards others).

The CLS Foundation aims to create a project which leads to the provision of appropriate spaces, promoting the formation of a Social Cooperative capable of properly managing the activities.

Day Centre for the Elderly Disabled

We see people as elderly when, regardless of their date of birth, they endure a particular psychophysical condition which occurs when the individual’s habitual activity (work, attendance of day centres) ends but his needs and right to socialise don’t.

The CLS Foundation aims to create a Day Centre for the Elderly where they can spend time every day. The Centre will encourage care within the family unit, providing considerable help and, therefore, avoiding admission to healthcare facilities.

Management of Leisure Time

The recreational activities and entertainment offered to the disabled nowadays are often provided on an occasional basis and don’t offer continued satisfaction of a fully understandable need.

It is necessary to promote a system of aggregation capable of offering moments of integration in recreation (sport, musical activities, etc.), that people can identify with and feel like they belong to.


Aimed at the families of those in difficulty, operators and managers of activities created specially for them, in a training programme which leads from the correct awareness of the relative problems to the acceptance of the condition, improvement of status and active participation.

Another aim is to train a motivated managerial class which will create the conditions for institutional continuity of the CLS Foundation.

A more extensive activity will also be developed, comprising conventions and debates and providing media information on matters related to handicaps and various forms of difficulty.