CLS SC – Sun Chi – People with Mental Disabilities

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We tangibly promote the professional inclusion of people suffering from some form of mental disturbance, particularly those who have attained certification as Social Facilitators (also known as ESP – experts in support among peers). This is the aim of CLS-SC . a non-profit cooperative society.

What do we do?

CLS SC and all those who support it work every day to offer services within the following fields:

  • social assistance
  • education
  • training

to facilitate the inclusion in active life of people with mental disturbances and those recognised by the cooperative as being in a condition of marginalisation.


Individual interventions to aid socialisation, basic ability, support with everyday activities.
Accompaniment of patients
Flanking of operators in group rehabilitation activities, creative and expressive workshops, leisure and entertainment, cultural and sports activities.
Front-Office activities for mental health services: admission of patient and first contact with the family.
Home care
Facilitation of mutual self-help groups
Promotion of sport and relaxation activities.