Psychophysical Disability – Part II

Several points of view, several rationales, several arms, all stretched out in the same direction.

Everyone’s life winds between work, home and moments of interaction which, by definition, enhance our personality and knowledge. None of these three “places” are more important than the others, and concentrating on just one would risk the human and social alienation of absolutely anyone. Each of the three has different abilities.

This is why CLS has set up three big specialised operating structures, all with the same ambitions, aims and goals, and all with the same managerial and decision-making policies:

  • CLS LA (Job)
  • CLS CA (Community Accommodation)
  • CLS FA (Training or Assistance)

These three organisations share the same Board of Directors, the same executives and the same psychologist, so that they all move together towards achieving the same aims in terms of improving the life of disabled people. This generates a situation of reciprocal mutuality which eliminates or at least mitigates partial visions and forms of bias, and each CLS Cooperative is integrated with and completed by the others, facilitating exchanges of people and operators with a view to achieving their full potential.

Are you satisfied with your life or do you feel like something is missing for you to feel complete?

The CLS programme aims to seek the perfect place for the individual within society and at work, making the most of his potential and performance.
“The right man in the right place”, could sum up the CLS commitment.
And this result is possible only thanks to the constant action shared among several players. Any single structure with this aim would be unable to achieve it on its own. The support and commitment of the local community, the world of associations, and the municipal authorities is required.

The local community and its associations are the well-tended and watered ground on which CLS has built its ambitious project. The involvement and the link is very strong, and the fruit of meeting of intent shared right from the start. And the result is more than just a large number of people who have approached CLS in different ways (families, volunteers, operators, members of the Board of Directors, sympathisers); above all, it is a movement capable of managing information and education on the problems relating to disability and projects for the development and operation of CLS as a whole.

And this symbiotic cooperation is implement every day and is clearly perceived in the decision-making and operations boards of CLS: the Articles of Association state that the Board of Directors must be comprised of the heads of the three different cooperatives of CLS, the employees’ representative, the families’ representative and the representatives of the local associations that identify with the spirit that fuels CLS. Several points of view, several rationales, several arms, all stretched out in the same direction.

And what can you give us to make our experience your experience too?